Outputs and Results

RYE Connect seeks to develop an awareness of the realities of self-employment and entrepreneurship as a viable career path for young people in rural areas. Primarily through workshops, specially designed interactive online resources, follow up support and signposting, the project is designed to help 16-30 year olds in disadvantaged rural areas to consider what self-employment is, generate a business idea that will take advantage of new opportunities and develop a basic Business Action Plan which will help them to articulate their ideas and business concept in order to access mainstream support to start their business.

RYE Connect specifically benefits young people (16 – 30 year olds) living in rural areas across Northern Europe and the Arctic. By engaging with youth, the programme targets youth employability and builds on skills and confidence which in turn makes a positive impact in disadvantaged areas. The project's approach is to provide training, support, mentoring and guidance to young people wishing to start, grow and reboot their business. Promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship encourages development of potential rural economic growth sectors, working alongside rural stakeholders.


  • Better transnational opportunities for young people inside the NPA region.
  • Wider support and markets for innovations
  • Enterprise support platform (ESP), supporting professional planning and investor readiness
  • Providing pathway progression from awareness through to readiness, growth and turnaround
  • Promote the development of a more entrepreneurial culture
  • More flexible enterprise development infrastructure, recognising place based opportunities
  • Create more entrepreneurial mindsets among young people
  • Create more varied and sustainable economic development for the northern periphery
  • A network of associates and stakeholders holding the RYE Charter will have free access to all project resources and tools. These contact points spread across the whole NPA region and ensure a strong support structure for participants.